Callum Beattie

Join us for this exclusive session and interview with Callum Beatie where he invites us into the heart of his creative process, sharing stories behind his tracks and the meaningful connections that inspire his songwriting.

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Callum Beattie

The session includes live performances featuring three tracks from his highly acclaimed album “Vandals”, with behind the scenes footage, and an in depth look at the life and career of the artist.

The talented singer-songwriter grew up in Musselburgh, East Lothian. He released his first single “We Are Stars” in 2017. In 2019, he uploaded the anti-Brexit and Conservative Party song “Boris” onto YouTube, with the track going viral. His debut album “People Like Us” was released in 2020, reaching number 18 on the UK Albums Chart.

The reason I write songs is for the right reasons which is its self therapy its like talking about your upbringing, your traumas, things in your life that you’ve suffered from. It’s almost like I’m telling everybody things that have happened to me in my life and I get them off my chest but I put them in music

In February 2023, Callum released his second album, “Vandals”. The album reached number one in the national iTunes chart, beating Gorillaz, Pink and Adam Lambert. “Vandals” went straight to number one in the Scottish album charts. Callum has just completed a headline tour of the UK promoting his album “Vandals”.

Callum Beattie

In the Riverside Music TV interview, Callum’s musical journey unfolds as he reminisces about his childhood experiences, inspirations and his desire to be a successful musician. Explore his evolution from a kid with a guitar to an artist headlining shows and achieving chart success.

You need to basically give up your whole life to be a musician, it has to be a lifestyle thing you can’t half arse it – its all or nothing

Callum shares insights into the sacrifices demanded of a musician, emphasising the need for wholehearted dedication, and his commitment to authenticity in his music. Collaborating with friends rather than session musicians, Callum highlights the benefits of creating music with individuals who share the same enthusiasm and taste in music. Get to know the talented individuals who form Callum’s musical tribe as he introduces his bandmates and discusses the camaraderie that defines their collaboration.

Dances With Wolves, it’s not really meant to be a big single or an instant oh wow smash hook, Its an arty song not a charty

The session delves into the track “Dances With Wolves”, a song that captures the essence of Callum’s musical influences. With a nod to Pink Floyd’s ethereal style, this takes listeners on a journey, emphasising the artistry of music over chart topping hooks. Callum provides insights into why this song holds a special place on his record.

Don’t miss this exclusive and intimate session with the talented and charismatic signer-songwriter Callum Beattie…

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Callum Beattie


Dancing With Wolves

Callum Beattie


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Callum Beattie

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