Darren McGarvey

Welcome to an exclusive session featuring the insightful and multifaceted talent, Darren McGarvey, widely known as ‘Loki’ in hip hop circles.

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Darren McGarvey

The session includes live performances, behind the scenes footage, and an exclusive interview covering the life and career of Darren and the release of his upcoming album, “I’ll Give You Something to Cry About”. Get to know the man behind the music and insights into his background, creative process, and the inspiration behind his lyrics. Get a deeper understanding of his connection between art and activism through intimate conversations with the artist.

If you think words are violent then you haven’t been punched in the face”

The critically acclaimed Scottish Rapper blends his powerful lyrics with insightful commentary on social issues using music as a platform for change. With a string of releases from 2003 – 2008, including “Friendly World” and “Summer Knows A Darker Shade of Grey”, Darren became one of Scottish Hip Hop’s most influential artists contributing to the popularisation of the Scottish accent in rap music. His more recent works include “Government Issue Music Protest” and “Trigger Warning”; two interconnected conceptual albums exploring themes of identity, class and nationalism. In 2018, as Darren staged the 60-minute show “Poverty Safari” live at the Edinburgh Fringe, blending elements of rap, music, spoken word and stand-up comedy.

Darren is also an Orwell Prize winning author drawing comparisons with George Orwell himself from public figures like Andrew Adonis and Paul Mason with best-selling books “Poverty Safari” and “The Social Distance Between Us”.

Activism and social commentary is how Darren came to wider public note in Scotland. In 2015, he began writing for STV Online, where he gained a broader and more politically diverse audience. In 2016, Darren began writing for The Scotsman, where his weekly column quickly became a popular feature of the paper’s output. McGarvey is a regular contributor to other UK publications, including the Independent, the Guardian as well as television and radio mainstays like Question Time and Radio Four’s Start The Week.

Darren also runs and presents Common People, a YouTube platform for the voices of the working class.

The Riverside Music TV interview is a journey into Darren’s roots, growing up in a working class community. He passionately emphasises his commitment to maintaining authenticity and integrity in his art. The interview explores the struggle against prejudice and the determination to resist toning down his working class background.

Darren kicks off the session by addressing his hiatus from music, the longest period without releasing new tracks. He shares the internal conflict between his musical identity and how he is perceived now. The interview delves into the struggles of balancing life’s complexities, showcasing Darren’s determination to overcome fear and anxiety and embrace the freedom found in the creative process.

“Ultimately what rap is…is a safe space for conflict

Darren discusses hip-hop as a social movement. He reflects on how the genre helped him through homelessness, addiction, and various crises in his life.

Don’t miss this captivating session, where Darren opens up about his life, challenges, and the profound stories woven into his music.

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